Notifcator allows you to send notifications to mobile phones without developing a mobile application

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Developing, implementing and sending push notifications is not an easy task. With Notificator, you can send and receive cross-platform mobile push notifications with ease. We offer a complete platform for developers and content creators.

"Push notifications are an essential marketing tool for anyone with a mobile app. It’s the best way to connect with your users, delivering important and time-sensitive messages directly to their mobile devices."

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Get Started Sending Notifications

Download our android or ios app and create a non-developer account. If you want to send notifications, visit the developer center and create a developer account to get started now.

Please note, developer and user accounts are different. A developer account can not be used on the mobile app, and user accounts can only be created on the mobile app.

1. Download Mobile App or Create a Developer Account

2. Utilize a channel link, QR code, or the in-app search function

Notificator allows channels to have an option to be publicly searched within the app. Channels also have a QR code and 'channel link' which enables the option for users to subscribe to your channel with ease.

Channels have the option to disable being searched inside the app. The notificator mobile app also has a built in QR scanner for easier access to channels.

Push notifications are the #1 marketing tool for engagement and retention. Not only are the results of being able to instantly alert your target audience obvious, Notificator allows this to be done cheaper and easier than other methods.

Push notifications see 50% higher open rates than emails and have an average open rate of 90%. Create a developer account or download the IOS/Android app now.

3. Start sending or receiving push notifications and see the results!

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